Who We Are

MARS Security Training Centre is a state-of-the-art security training provider based in Mumbai, India.

Globalization has changed the life of corporates which leads to many threats, such as terrorism, organized crime and information security, and which is difficult to manage. Hence there is phenomenal growth in security Industry and demanding the security professionals to be trained to deal with the difficult situation. Mars Security training centre, for all categories of Security professionals offers efficient, cost â effective training from its offices in Mumbai. The firm is lead by a team of highly seasoned associated having decades of experience in the field of Private Security, Military, Police, and MSTC. The premises offers state of the art infrastructure from its Mumbai office located at Ghatkopar (E). Our Motto is to train Security professionals, so they can successfully adapt to the changing needs of Security Industry to instill values of honour, integrity and self discipline.

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We follow the rules and regulations under PSARA Act

Fire Fighting

Distinguishing metod of fire,type of fire extinguishers,causes of fire chemical/ingredients

Disaster management

Types of crisis, response theory and immediate action

Identification of explosive/devices

Working,identification,shape,type and action

Security Gadgets

Use of security GTMS, Security Alarm,CCTV ans Screening Equipments



The government has recognized the role of the private security industry

  • It is mandatory for private security agencies to register with the Labor Department and apply for license from the police as per the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005.
  • Maharashtra had nearly 4.38 lakh security guards, of which 3 lakh are in Bombay city alone. Among them, 60 per cent were from the State and the remaining were from the other States.

“Security is not a product, but a process”

“We are happy with the service received by Mars Security training. They have been working on improving skills of our Guards. Since we have started with them we are getting good responses from our customers. They have been also quite regularly informing us on the progress of Guards. Thank You!”


When you want to protect yourself from the sagacious operators in the Metrocity- like Bombay, you need professionals like MARS Security training services by your side offering dependable security guard training services..


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